Action Technologies is a South African owned Information Technology Company that prides itself in providing first world products to the South African Wine industry.

Action Technologies has positioned itself as both an Application Service provider as well as an Application developer backed with a high level of local service and support.

Action Technologies current product offering consists of three strategically positioned products, namely the EzyWine Winery Software, VinWizard fermentation control system, and the Wine Console.


Stellenbosch based Action Technologies offers two internationally developed IT products for wineries, using standard Microsoft tools and not the often costly, dedicated programmes that are designed by software companies.

EzyWine the industry leader, enjoying broad based international recognition, is a dedicated winery management system, which when combined with VinWizard is arguably the most cost effective winery traceability and control system in the world, providing winemakers with fingertip control over their production and all administrative functions in their wineries.

EzyWine was developed in Australia and VinWizard in New Zealand, with VinWizard using open source protocols with a simple web-based interface. This provides a platform, from which individual winemakers can then make the fine adjustments to temperatures in their tanks from any location in the world or via hand held PDA's and cellular phones.

Technology has revolutionised the wine industry, and these user friendly Microsoft based systems provide the wine industry with 21st Century tools to meet the increasing demands of todays sophisticated and competitive industry.


Action Technologies takes an innovative approach to business system development. We believe that the software should be totally integrated so that each entry correctly and automatically updates every other related module, including stock movements and ledger postings.


When you've got a great suggestion for your software package, does the supplier look at you blankly or send you a quote for the changes to be implemented. At Action Technologies, not only are we grateful for your suggestions but we will implement them for free.


We provide you with at least one of our experienced staff during the installation process. An implementation schedule is also provided, so that you can receive benefits from this powerful management tool as soon as possible. Reference details (such as creditors) and balances (such as creditor trial balance) is pre-loaded prior to installation.


Our support includes on-site training and business consulting, a telephone "hot line" and a service that few other software developers provide - free system enhancements and software upgrades, ensuring that the software doesn't become outdated. We'll also visit your site twice a year with the latest release.