Take advantage of the comprehensive, all-in-one EzyWine production software to make your olive and olive oil production a breeze. Choose between the production system, or the full accounts and production package.

  • Control the production and distribution of your olives and olive oil
  • Full traceability on olive oil in production or bottled
  • Composition reports supply break-down by olive producer and region
  • Additive reports allow tracking right down to individual HACCP batches
  • Manage grower contracts and payments
  • Process production runs with accurate material and overhead costs
  • Quality Control checks in place to make sure products aren’t sold prior to lab approval
  • Consolidating all your processes into one system removes the errors and wastage of duplicating transactions for more accurate and efficient reports.
  • Manage payroll and record human resources information
  • Monitor profitability and product performance
  • Track the purchase of assets and their depreciation over time
  • Monitor your marketing activities and outgoing communications
  • Accounts departments have access to live information, allowing them to monitor and reconcile any variance to keep information validity up-to-date
  • Touch-screen functionality on the point of sale interface