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Uncork the power of
Strategic Decision Making.

Exclusive modules crafted to elevate your winery's success. Experience the perfect blend of technology and tradition, granting you the time and tools to make strategic moves that matter. Gain access to:

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Real-Time Insights

Savor the essence of up-to-the-minute data, freshly harvested from every corner of your operation.

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Adaptation on the Vine

Like a skilled vintner, our platform adjusts seamlessly to the changing seasons of your business, ensuring resilience in every sip.

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Grapes to Graphs

Your raw data transformed into a symphony of visual delights with our crafted visualizations, ripe for exploration and discovery.


Bid farewell to outdated BI reporting tools as you access performance metrics effortlessly, swiftly, and seamlessly, catering to all who require them.


Bookmark Selections

Effortlessly save your selections within visualizations by creating bookmarks, enabling easy retrieval for future reference.


Streamline your workflow and enhance productivity by swiftly returning to key insights whenever needed, maximizing efficiency.

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Distribute with Flair

Delight in the convenience of having reports elegantly delivered to your inbox, tailored to your preferences – whether it's a daily bouquet, a monthly vintage, or a yearly reserve.


Effortlessly share, presentation-ready reports with both internal and external stakeholders, fostering unity and clarity.


Reports are shared in PDF, PPT, and Excel for seamless collaboration.


Indulge in the luxury of choice as you select the perfect blend of insights to suit your palate, while cultivating a shared vision for success.


Sales Accelerator

Static sales reporting hassles, time-consuming reconciliations, and industry-specific reports? Things of the past!


Our dynamic dashboard puts the power in your hands, allowing you to effortlessly access both real-time and historical sales data. It presents data in multiple dimensions, layers, and timelines, providing you with a comprehensive view of your sales performance.


Financial Accelerator

Wave goodbye to the limitations of High-Level General Ledger reporting!


Empower your Finance and Management team with instant summary insights and the flexibility to drill down to transactional data on demand.

Material Requirement & Production Demand Planning

Stay at the forefront of stock management, whether it's tracking wine allocation or contracts, monitoring dry goods lead times, or optimizing bottling capacity – all through our live interactive dashboard.


This is more than just a tool; it's a game-changer for achieving operational excellence, promoting staff collaboration, and ensuring healthy cash flow.


Our live colour coded dashboard is your shield against stock shortages, safeguarding both finished products and vital raw materials. Operating in real-time, it equips businesses with a dynamic, data-driven approach to inventory management.

Embrace proactive responses to market shifts, eliminate production inefficiencies, eradicate stockouts, and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.


Viticulture & Grape Harvest


Experience the power of our Dynamic Dashboard for Real-Time Harvest Insights.


Our dashboard effortlessly adjusts to shifts in harvest data, offering live tracking of weighbridge operations, grower deliveries, grape analysis, and actual versus expected deliveries.


It provides you with precision and up-to-the-minute information, ensuring that vital statistics are never missed due to data update delays. This enables you to tackle issues and adapt to changes dynamically, making well-informed decisions throughout the harvest season.

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