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Production Automation for Small

to Industrial Scale producers


The VinWizard system is internationally recognized as the proven leader in winery automation, monitoring and control. For over 20 years we have worked with winemakers around the world in the development of this renowned system to help winemakers consistently make premium wine and minimize running costs.

Our technology allows users to easily and affordably interface to any winery component. This allows the winemaker to view and/or control all aspects of the operation from any location via one interface. This includes pump-over, stirrer, crusher pad automation, humidity, CO2, water usage, must lines, plant rooms, Production Database, etc. These can be added to the core temperature control module as desired.

Power Savings

To maximize refrigeration efficiency, the use of your plant should be dictated by what wine is in a tank and what status that wine is at. VinWizard introduces a series of new initiatives to slash power consumption through a more intelligent use of resources.

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